Sweden Market-Entry: Documentation

In this section, you can find information about NetEnt’s solutions for compliance to the Swedish regulation coming into force on 1st Jan 2019.  You can also find documentation that further outlines technical guides for easy integration to your own platform(s).



Download Documentation Package

(includes Game Rules, Game Descriptions, Infrastructure docs, Integration and Reporting Guides)




The information below answers general questions on the new Swedish online regulatory regime, is subject to change and should not be construed as legal advice.


Which test labs will NetEnt use to certify games for the Swedish market?


Our certification partners are:

  • iTech for RNG Slots and RNG Table Games
  • E-Cogra for NE Live


Are your test labs accredited?


Since iTech is an Australian company (non-EU), they have provided an ILAC agreement, attesting that iTech is affiliated with accreditation bodies that are recognized by Swedac (Swedish accreditation authority).  Operators may need to provide the ILAC agreement to the regulator when submitting NE Game Certification Reports.  This document is also present in our Documentation Package in the Client Area.


E-Cogra is accredited with certification bodies that are recognized by Swedac and is EU-based.


What will certification cover?


Certification Reports will cover RNG and Platform certification, as well as certification for all games in the Swedish portfolio (as shared on Client Area) and games on the roadmap up to and including February 2019.


When will we get our certificate reports?


Certificate Reports for RNG Slot Games and RNG Table Games are already available for download from the NE Client Area or in the Documentation Package above.


Certification reports for NE Live will not be complete by 1st January 2019.

As per the new Gambling Act (2018:1138) and the provisional terms stated at the end of that document:

License may be notified even though the requirements that follow from Chapter 16, Section 3 are not met on January 1, 2019 if the applicant can demonstrate to the Gambling Authority that the equipment meets the corresponding requirements and the assessment procedure has begun.


E-Cogra has provided a letter confirming compliance certification is in-progress (available for download from the NE Client Area or in the Documentation Package above).  Operators can use this document to show that they are working towards compliance within the 6-month grace period.  NE Live games can be used by operators by providing this document to the regulator as proof of compliance-attempt.  The final certification reports would then replace this document as proof of compliance.  These will be available end-March 2019.


Will NetEnt’s Global Jackpots be available in Sweden?

Yes.  Our Global Jackpots will be available immediately upon market re-entry (Jan 1st 2019).


Which Global Jackpot games will be available in Sweden?

The following Global Jackpot games will be available in the Swedish market post-Jan 2019:

  • Mega Fortune + Touch
  • Mega Fortune Dreams + Touch
  • Hall of Gods + Touch
  • Arabian Nights + Touch


As an operator, do we need to do anything to enable NE Global Jackpots in Sweden?


  1. You will need to ensure that NE Global Jackpot games are listed in your license application. If not, you should add these games to your current application/portfolio.  Game Rules and Descriptors are available in the Sweden Documentation Package within this page.  Since these games were included in the first “Games Portfolio List” provided by NetEnt back in July 2018 (first application submission dates), chances are that they are part of your application already, but please double-check about this.
  2. The regulator will most likely ask for further information about global liquidity in NetEnt Global Jackpot games. Documentation outlining this is also available for download in the Sweden Documentation Package (in both English and Swedish languages).
  3. Commercials need to be handled together with your Account Manager. See FAQ item below for further details.


Are contract and/or commercial re-negotiations required to continue offering Global or Local Jackpots in the new Swedish market regime?

NE Global Jackpots require dedicated contracts and T&Cs.  Customers with existing contracts will be allowed to continue using NE Global Jackpots without further changes.  Customers who do not have an active agreement/contract for using NE Global Jackpots will need to engage in commercial and contractual discussions before being able to use these products.


Does NetEnt need to be listed in the “International Collaboration” section of the license application for the purpose of using Global Jackpots games?

Based on our latest legal advise, International Collaboration is not intended as a means to cover International Jackpot Liquidity.  Hence, our current stance is that we do not need to be listed as International Collaboration partners.


Migrating from .COM to .SE CasinoModule, what happens to the Jackpot pool post-Jan 1st 2019?

NE’s Global Jackpot pools, to which Swedish players may have contributed previously when the market operating on a .COM regime, will not be altered.  The new .SE modules will be connected to the same global jackpot infrastructure and pools that are shared with other jurisdictions in NE’s international liquidity.  Post-Jan 2019, Swedish players will still contribute to the same pooled jackpots and will still be able to partake in any winnings.  Theoretically, they should notice no difference to their current .COM experience.


Will Local Jackpots be allowed?

Yes, Local Jackpots (Divine Fortune) will be available for Swedish licensees post-Jan 2019.


Local Jackpots are games with a pooled pot where the pot is based on contributed by players of one licensee.  For example, a jackpot available to Casino123 players only with contributions coming only from Casino123’s players.  Contact your Account Manager for commercial specifics.


What currencies are allowed?

Article 18 of the Instructions and General Guidelines Regarding Responsible Gambling states all wagers must be specified in Swedish kronor. NetEnt supports Swedish Krona.


Will quick spin be allowed?

According to Chapter 15 of the Instructions and General Guidelines Regarding Responsible Gambling,  every game should last for at least three seconds. Therefore, quick spin will not be allowed under the new Swedish regime.


Will autoplay be played?

Autoplay is allowed but every game round should last at least three seconds. No cap is in place on the number of automatic spins in one batch. A player needs to retain the ability to stop autoplay.


How will data reporting work?

NetEnt has published separate guidance on data reporting. This is available on the  Client Area.


Will game sheets be available in Swedish?

No. Gamesheets will be available in English. As of early December, the regulator has provided no guidance on how games will be accepted once the market goes live. Game rules, which were required for license applications, will be available in Swedish for all games going live in the market.


How will games be launched in 2019?

The regulator has not disclosed a procedure for approving games so NetEnt will provisionally launch games for Sweden under the same .com roadmap.


Are reality checks required?

Yes. Players should be notified at regular intervals with information with wins and losses as well as information of how long they have been logged in from (not from the start of a game session).

The regulator has not provided guidance on the suitable timings for regular intervals. According to the Instructions and General Guidelines Regarding Responsible Gambling, notifications should be acknowledged by the player and be given the option to stop or continue playing.

In addition, a player must continuously see their time logged in.

Examples of reality check codes are available and enable the operator to create a reality check that covers the desktop games of all suppliers. Only Touch games are NetEnt-specific where the reality check is implemented using a script plugin. Please see Reality Check and Autoplay Requirements Version 1.0 for more information.


Will NetEnt migrate the customer base to the new modules?

NetEnt will not do any migration of keys or player history. If an operator wishes to retain player history, then it will be available from your previous .com module.


What will happen to any bonus offers that are live between the old and new regulatory regimes?

Bonus programs cannot be copied over as a new .SE module is being used. Please ensure bonus programs should be closed before the player is migrated.


What bonuses are allowed?

The regulator has made it clear they will not provide any guidance or general advice regarding the interpretation of the bonus rules. NetEnt will not impose any restrictions bonus programs as the interpretation of the bonus allowance is up to the licensee.


Are existing players treated as new or old players?

According to the latest guidance from the regulator, a player who has previously played with a licensee, who has been authorized under the old rules, shall be considered as first-time player when playing the first time after the licensee has been granted a license.


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